The Foundation and its subsidiaries have made substantial gifts to universities, colleges, schools, churches, hospitals and museums. As of December 2017, we estimate we have given over US$ 245 Million* since our founding in 1956.

Here is a brief summary of some of the major recent charitable initiatives undertaken by the Foundation Group, by region:


  • AUD$5,000,000 to Korowa Anglican Girls School in Melbourne, including the development of the Cripps Centre Middle School and the Music Centre.
  • AUD$6,900,000 commitment to the University of Melbourne for the renovation of the Grimwade Centre for Cultural Material Conservation and establishment of a professorial chair.
  • AUD$3,680,000 to Trinity College at the University of Melbourne, including the restoration of the Chapel and renovation of the Theological School, an Anglican College of the University of Divinity.
  • AUD$1,600,000 to St John’s College at the University of Queensland, including the development of the John Cripps Tower.
  • AUD$5,660,000 to Caulfield Grammar School, including the development of the Cripps Centre.

United Kingdom

  • £7,500,000 commitment to Selwyn College at Cambridge University for Cripps Court.
  • £460,000 to Queens College at Cambridge University for various projects.
  • £1,500,000 to Magdalene College at Cambridge University, including the development of the Edward Cripps Building.
  • £13,000,000 to Northampton High School, including the purchase of a new property, and the development of new facilities including senior and junior school classrooms, kindergarten, and the Edward Cripps Library and Gymnasium.
  • £5,000,000 to Northampton School for Boys, including the development of the Edward Cripps Human Performance Centre.
  • £9,000,000 to The University of Nottingham for the construction of a new health care center.


  • US$500,000 commitment to the Cambodian Children’s Fund to pay for scholarship funds and the Head of Education salary, amongst other things.
  • US$4,000,000 commitment to the Cambodian’s Children Fund to build the Cripps Neeson Academy

United States of America

  • US$150,000 commitment to Learn to Live to support their charitable initiatives for a 3 year period.


  • Donation of land to the Bermuda National Trust.
  • Commitment to funding the annual salary of an Educational Officer for Masterworks Museum of Bermuda for a four year period.

*All numbers are estimated and unaudited

“When we plant a tree, we don’t plant it for ourselves but for our children.”
The Reverend Mae “Mother” Wyatt